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Escola Profissional Profitecla vai participar novamente na iniciativa Erasmus Days, que este ano decorre nos próximos dias 13, 14 e 15 de outubro. Todos os polos da Profitecla prepararam atividades relacionadas com o projeto Erasmus:

Polo de Barcelos: The objectives will be exploring the Erasmus project, motivating students to participate, as well as allowing a cultural and linguistic exploration of the countries involved.
The activity will be promoted by the students involved in previous years, along with the students who can apply for the project this year.
It will be a students for students activity where they will have the chance to explore culture, gastronomy and language. It will be a space with several games providing knowledge and learning for an upcoming adventure.

Polo de Braga: Promotion of an Erasmus Fair in which each group of students/former students will make a stand of their welcoming country and provide information about their experience. There will be three school partners talking about mobilities: a spokesperson from the National Agency, a spokesperson from BragaMoB and a spokesperson from international partner Sinergya. The fair will be visited by our students and the event will be filmed and disseminated with other schools.

Polo de Coimbra: Each class represents an Erasmus Profitecla destination and will be responsible for decorating the classroom, researching monuments, traditions, gastronomy and making a video introducing each of the cities (Bilbao, Seville, Fuerteventura, Maribor, Lecce, Pšzčyna, Athens).
Classes will “visit” all destinations and learn more about the culture of each location. Testimonies from students who have already participated in the project in each of these locations will also be available in the rooms.

Polo de Guimarães: One day to learn more about the countries where our students have been in mobility and to give the opportunity for certified students to share their stories with others, specially future participants joining Erasmus programmes.
-Build a map of Europe with the faces of students who took part in mobility
-Recording “about me” videos with short presentation from each former participant
-Kahoot challenge “What do you know about Erasmus”
-Cerimony for students receive their Erasmus certificates
-Gastronomic tasting of delicacies of the destinations

Polo de Lisboa: All day event organized by the students and teachers involved in previous mobilities.
Opening Cerimony with presentation of the Eramsus Project in blended format for the entire community.
First-person testimonials from mobility participants.
Erasmus Flavours – gastronomic show of the countries.
Shared activities such as Erasmus mural, Lisbon mistery box, cultural parade “where do i come from?” and presentation of vídeos of incoming activites.

– Polo do Porto:  The event will be organized by a Catering class that will promote the gastronomy of the Erasmus countries with which the school collaborates.
It will be aimed to all new students where 5 typical dishes from different countries will be prepared, as well as 5 cocktails alluding to the Erasmus destinations of the school.
A set of games, puzzles, Kahoot challenges, and a treasure hunt will also be organized, with Erasmus experience as the theme.
There will be a winner in each class who will have the chance to taste the dish or cocktail prepared.

Polo de Viseu: This year ‘s theme will be Knowing to Respect.
13th – Internal dissemination will take place, promoting knowledge of the Erasmus destinations and cultural differences. All classes will build a mural and digital content with info on Erasmus countries.
14th – The ceremony for the delivery of Erasmus certificates to participants will take place in the auditorium of Europe Direct Viseu.
It will have the participation of Erasmus students, local partners, families and entities hosting Erasmus students.

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